Stage 89: NSW

Delegate to  Cooma
Date: 12-14-2014 Time: 06:38 h Σ Time: 495:49 h
Distance: 134 km Σ km: 10508 km Temp: 3/35°C
Up: 1692 m Σ Up: 88631 m Down: 1584 m
Calories: 2724 kcal Σ kcal: 223443 kcal  
Conditions: Very cold night and morning, hot day. Roads quiet on this Sunday morning.

It was very cold this morning. 3°C and the fog covered the valleys into a ‘winter’ dress. The sun DSC_0910_01quickly burnt it away and heated the air. I did a short (distance), long (time wise) detour to the Platypus Resort, a National Park at the river. I spent about 90 minutes in the park to get a view of these shy creatures. And my patience was awarded. I did not only see the Platypus swimming and diving in the river, but also a Cunningham Skink, sunbathing on the rocks. DSC_0969_01It was a long day for me, due to the stop at the park. The long climbs, hotter temperature and the tired legs from the previous day, made it a bit slower than usual. But there was more to see, like an Echidna and a fox in a large rock field.

DSC_0999_01 DSC_1022_01