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Third section from Yogyakarta to Ubud

TO 2014 Dinner

The Trans Oceania 2014 Cycling Expedition and Tour ended with a final Dinner for all riders and staff members in the dining room on the 25th floor of the Sydney Bayview / Boulevard Hotel.


Here Andreas and Team awarded the full tour riders with Finisher Medals and surprised almost everyone on the tour with a personalized gift, characterizing her or his special appearance during the tour. A great event to complete this fantastic trip after 4 months. Even Sponge Bob ‘reincarnated’ after being missing since the blast in the Bromo Crater on Java back in September.


After 120 days, thereof 93 days of cycling and almost 11000 kilometer on the odometer, I reached the final destination of the Trans-Oceania Bicycle Expedition 2014.

Sydney and suburbs, are the perfect place to rest and relax after such a long and exhausting tour …


Indonesia & Timor-Leste in Numbers

Some statistical numbers from the 4 sections we cycled in Indonesia on  7 different islands and Timor-Leste.

Medan (Sumatra) to Dili (Timor-Leste)

Cycling Days: 48 days
Distance: 5545 km
Climbs: 67649 m
Average per day: 116 km with  1409 m of vertical climbs


1. Sumatra

Cycling Days: 17 days
Distance: 2130 km
Climbs: 21357 m
Average per day: 125 km with  1256 m of vertical climbs


2. Java

Cycling Days: 17 days
Distance: 1845 km
Climbs: 28484 m
Average per day: 109 km with  1676 m of vertical climbs


3. Bali

Cycling Days: 2 days
Distance: 216 km
Climbs: 2278 m
Average per day: 108 km with  1139 m of vertical climbs


4. Lombok

Cycling Days: 2 days
Distance: 198 km
Climbs: 1276 m
Average per day: 99 km with  638 m of vertical climbs


5. Sumbawa

Cycling Days: 3 days
Distance: 391 km         (longest distance a day: 192 km)
Climbs: 2953 m
Average per day: 130 km with  985 m of vertical climbs


6. Flores

Cycling Days: 3 days
Distance: 393 km
Climbs: 6646 m       (longest climb a day: 3283 m)
Average per day: 131 km with  2215 m of vertical climbs


7. Timor & Timor-Leste

Cycling Days: 4 days
Distance: 410 km
Climbs: 4530 m     
Average per day: 103 km with  1133 m of vertical climbs


Bromo Crater desert

Farewell to Indonesia

The Indonesian part of the Trans-Oceania is almost over. 4 cycling days before our arrival in Dili / East Timor, from where we will fly out to Darwin / Northern Territory, Australia, the cycling group assembled in Kutang / Timor for an early morning, pre-breakfast group photo.


Per, Bob, Ruth, Dara, Brett, Paul, Dan, John, Stirling, Chris, Hanns, Henry, Daryl
Jacqueline, Shirley, Joachim, Gerald, Cathrine, Nellie, Annegrete, Jodi, Eric


p.s. somehow over night the banner was magically corrected Winking smile

4:30am prayers

It is 4:30am in Northern Lombok. A long and restful sleep is over. I didn’t count, but it was way over 100 ‘Allah is Great’ in as many different tunes, before the message in the prayer changed and at 5am eventually faded away before the 2nd round of praises fired off shortly after and continued forever.

Don’t tell my fellow riders: The prayer system here is like a jukebox; enter a coin, dial a number to make your selection and enjoy. (100 rupias/min)
#1 praise Allah
#2 praise God
#3 play Bob Marley
Unfortunately I didn’t wear my glasses, so I accidentally picked a 100000 Rupia bill instead of 1000 IRP and missed the #3 but the #1 … it is still playing at 7:04.

In a fortnight only we will completely miss the mosques and speakers, once we leave Indonesia and its friendly and hospital people to conquer Australia. Will the kangaroos step in to entertain us? Will we hear a bouncing ‘bling – bling – bling’ sound  when they hop around our tents in the nights?

I’ll will definitely miss the hospitality of the Indonesian people …


Only 15mins before my programmed alarm sets off. Having an early shower.

Honeymoon Spa

The Suly Resort * Yoga * Spa * U B U D  /  B A L I

We are placed in Paradise for our Rest Day in Ubud.

Suly-1With a blend of Balinese and a hint of modern architecture, surrounded by lush gardens in the tranquil village of Ubud, the rest day location provides us with an unforgettable atmosphere and relaxing experience.

DSC_4701             DSC_4704

The Welcome Statues at the entrance immediately indicate that this is the perfect retreat for our ‘French Honeymoon’ couple, which immediately formed when Mr. G. joined the group in Java.

Stage 36: Bali

Lovina to  Ubud
Date: 30-09-2014 Time: 05:43 h Σ Time: 191:23 h
Distance: 100 km Σ km: 3750 km Temp: 19/33 °C
Up: 1844 m Σ Up: 45768 m Calories: 2399 kcal
Down: 1680 m Σ Down: 44797 m Σ kcal: 89382 kcal
Conditions: Temples + more temples. Excellent ride. Nice breeze with tailwind in the morning. Roads perfect, the 36km climb to the summit not very steep and easy to ride. Lots of sights to visit. The hotel  a real paradise.

What a cycling Day! I was on the road from the first sunray to the last. 10:42 hours elapsed and I enjoyed every second. The riding time itself was only 5:42 hours and my sightseeing and stoppage time almost equally. That was a real cycling expedition instead of racing from camp to camp. From the first kilometer my eyes where scanning for good photo opportunities, as there where so many Hindu temples. All different. Almost every house has its own temple, and then there were the big community temples. I knew this area from a previous scuba diving trip, but only rushed thru in a taxi. Although there was a 35km and 1800m climb in the morning, I was quite confident, that time was no issue to make it through this day. Legs were strong and cycling was easy. I spent 1/3 of the morning climb and the whole afternoon with Henry. The afternoon, after lunch on the summit was special. It could have been easily done in little more than 1 hour, as it was a 40 km downhill. However the scenery was so stunning and ever changing, that you were already out of your pedals by the time you clicked in, because there was something else to inspect …

To be continued in a separate post with photos.



All over the Top

Henry & Erik complete today’s riders mastering the climb …



Leaving my new Balinesian Home

After just ine night I have to leave from my new home in Indonesia. The tour doesn’t want me to stack back, but finish the last day of the ‘Temples & Volcanoes’ section.


One day I will return!


And my little Garmin Smiley is following me again … soon over the top


‘Diving’ Break

For my Scuba Diving friends.

All morning the dive tour busses were passing me from all directions. They always seem to be in a hurry to bring the divers from A to B. No relaxed driving on Bali’s touristic corners, minibuses have their own rules, and cyclists are no longer considered coequal road users …

I had to turn into the bumpy road to ride down to the beach and Werner Lau’s Dive Center in Matahari / Northwest Bali.



Unfortunately time was too short to take a dive or have a longer chat. Thus I quickly cooled my face and headed off again to follow the main track.