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TO 2014 Dinner

The Trans Oceania 2014 Cycling Expedition and Tour ended with a final Dinner for all riders and staff members in the dining room on the 25th floor of the Sydney Bayview / Boulevard Hotel.


Here Andreas and Team awarded the full tour riders with Finisher Medals and surprised almost everyone on the tour with a personalized gift, characterizing her or his special appearance during the tour. A great event to complete this fantastic trip after 4 months. Even Sponge Bob ‘reincarnated’ after being missing since the blast in the Bromo Crater on Java back in September.


After 120 days, thereof 93 days of cycling and almost 11000 kilometer on the odometer, I reached the final destination of the Trans-Oceania Bicycle Expedition 2014.

Sydney and suburbs, are the perfect place to rest and relax after such a long and exhausting tour …


SUN-Day Morning

What a beautiful morning in Delegate. Cold, but the rising sun will soon warm up our frozen bodies. The night was cold and the morning mist lays a white cover over the fields, as if it wants to show us, how the Snowy Mountains will look in winter …

A hundred and thirty five kilometers tidsy, but I turned into the Platypus Reserve at Bombola to get a slight chance to see these shy animals in their natural habitat.


Photos to be added later …


Camping in Delegate. The sunshine is back! After about 1900m of climbs we set camp on a real basic campsite in Delegate, along the Snowy River. Only 1 shower & 1 toilet per gender. However power plugs for everyone and infinite space to setup tents.


It would be a great place, if there were NO FLIES!!

We left Victoria and entered New South Wales. The ride through the forest was stunning. After a big fire life is back and trees and ferns are in bright green colors.

The final 6 cycling days to Sydney don’t seem to be an easy ‘walk’. It is not an easy roll-in after 88 days of going through all forms of torture. Lots of climbs and always between 110 and 160 kilometers. A ‘Taste of Indonesia’ for our Australia cyclists. Nevertheless, we can’t be stopped. Sydney, keep the Champagne ready and cold, we are coming!

Rail Trail

I am cycling the rail trail from Bairnsdale to Orbot, far away from the Highway. A beautiful trail on an retired railway, cut into the forest. Pure nature, wallabies, a wombat, a giant monitor lizard and the sounds of birds are my only companions.


Soon the trail will lead me along the Princess HWY towards Nowa Nowa, where I might meet my fellow riders, who stayed on the road.






Victoria’s Secrets

As we are currently riding through the State of Victoria in Australia it wasn’t for long that we were searching to uncover the secrets of Victoria, also known as Victoria’s Secrets.

This morning we were surprised to find 3 remarkable ‘Top Models’ in our camp. Obviously TdA managed to get us some of Victoria’s secret models (not to be mistaken with Victoria’s Secret Models).

The secret models are usually those, who are no longer eligible for the Catwalk, and hidden from public in a dark room, only released for very special services.

Source: Wikileaks 2014

dish-duty-beautiesDish Duty Beauties

The 3 immediately proved their real qualities and are now on dish duty for the remaining days of the trip.

DSC_0742_01    DSC_0741_01    DSC_0739_01

Dry Weather Road Only!

DSC_0622_01You often find this kind of road sign in South Australia.

Why do you think a road in some parts of Australia is only passable during the dry season and not recommended to be used, once it has rained? 

Sure, the road might be flooded, but most 4×4 can run though it, if not too deep. Usually there are depth marker in flood areas, which indicated the water level. So there must be some other reason.

Well, it was all dry when I cycled passed it, thus I could not check it myself.

DSC_0551_01_01However the following road sign, which I saw soon after, may explain why it is dangerous to enter the road in the rainy season!

Can you see from what the motorists are being warned?hammerheadSo better don’t leave the car, when you get stuck in water on a flooded road  Winking smile

Shared Promenade

My photo of a very wet and cold cycling day …


I found this sign worth to stop in the pouring rain on this cold Sunday morning …  luckily only a view ‘mad’ cyclists and runners were willing or forced to leave their comfort zone and therefore the promenade wasn’t to populated.

Riding a Train

Due to bad weather conditions the ferry to Philip Idland is canceled and we have to take the train back to Frankstone and 2 more busses to get around the bay and onto the island to our camp site in Cowes. 


Strange, we cycle 96km in this sh…ty weather without cancelation of this stage. Maybe TdA needs to take over some ferry rules for bad weather conditions ;)

“Er hat einen Vogel”

DSC_0451_02Yesterday I stopped at a nature resort between Apollo Bay and Torquay. It was supposed to be a Coke Stop at the ‘Koala Café’. As the name suggested, there must be some of my friends. Thus I never got a Coke, but turned instead to the other side of the road and into the caravan park. There were many parrots of different kind and colors, cockatoos and some of my koala friends around. So I picked my camera to take photos, when all of a sudden I felt something lDSC_0388_01touched down on my helmet. I turned the camera around to take a selfie and I found this ‘Kings Parrot’ wrestling with my tarantula, which lost an eye in the unequal battle, but continued to stay attached and the bird left into the trees to meet its companions and talk about the ‘bad food’ I carry.

Koala and Parrots