4. Spice Island Hopping

Ubud to Dili  –  October 2 to  October 19

Photos of this section will appear here:

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Many of us have dreamed of taking tramp steamers from one island paradise to another, and leaving the modern world behind. This section of the trans-Oceania odyssey turns that fantasy into reality, as we traverse the Nusa Tenggara region, spinning our wheels from Hindu Bali, across Islamic Lombok and Sumbawa, to Catholic Flores, and finally Timor. En route you can relax on remote pink sand beaches, sup on an endless variety of seafood, snorkel or dive coral reefs teeming with marine life, encounter Komodo Dragon lizards, explore remote villages of beehive houses on West Timor, and kick back on the ferry rides from one island to the next. This section ends in Dili, capital of the newly independent nation of Timor-Leste, from where we will fly across the Timor Sea to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. We wouldn’t be surprised if a rider or 2 decided to forego their plane ticket and settle permanently on one of these idyllic isles.

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